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>> police are taking a closer look this surveillance video to see if anyone was in school today that should not have been. >> they didn't tell us anything. they said they didn't find anybody. >> parents frustrated and
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fearful as they arrived to pick up their children this afternoon. 1500 of them locked down indoors for three hours after a teenage girl was found bound in a school bathroom. we were learning about history than the principal came on the intercom and said there was a lock down. they locked them out for three and a half hours and they didn't give us any phone calls. a hard locked down by school officials and a secure perimeter set up by police at indian trail junior high and arm is still elementary the junior high school thoroughly searched after the restraining team was discovered the search came up and state. parents are fuming
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that they were left to fear the unknown school leaders are insisting proper protocol was followed but not much else. >> the search of the building outcome was that there was no danger and i appreciate the efforts that the police department 1/4. >>put forth. >> schmidtnorth side businesses on alert tonight a crew of armed robbers have been coming into the back side of the city. tuesday night's last week around 8:00 p.m. five men armed with handguns and a crowd at lincoln park store they were
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heavily hooded and it was a very warm night so i was immediately suspicious and before i even had time to react they were both at the customer service department one of them brandished a firearms and ask me to open the door. one of the robbers had a gun pointed at him the whole time and he said the steve spread out and they worked quickly they were only there for two-three minutes. there was another one on the floor grabbing cards of cigarettes and bottles of liquor. two of the thieves robbed the cash register up front and another one from the customer service area. the store is one of eight businesses that have been robbed in recent weeks throughout the north side between the hours of 6 and 11:00 p.m. security cameras captured images of the suspects they worked in groups of two-five
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robbing stores and in some cases employees taking cellphone. >> do what they want, we have to consider the safety of thisour customer base. businesses in the area are stepping up security and the suspects have a much better chance of being caught if they ever decide to come back. we're always looking at different ways to protect our customers so far only vague descriptions of the suspects they are described it ranging in age they often wear dark wooded jackets or hats north texas
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police are investigating the situation. >> we have details on who is at risk. three chicago offices at the center of a medical fear tonight 200 patients notified that injections of a certain medication received for back pain may be linked to a deadly form of meningitis. you may have a headache sensitivity to light nausea or vomiting, neck stiffness and eventually you could have seizures. >> for now it's simply a warning in chicago with no reports of anyone actually having the illness. 50 cases have been reported, five have died locally one person did go to the emergency room but has been cleared. they were very glad that we called them to check up on them we know that the initial
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distribution came and they may have distributed it further so we are working with them. it may be making matters more complicated fundus was found in at least one vial of the steroid in the lead to a nationwide recall just how many other clinics may have received the injection in all illinois is still not clear. >> more than 30 chicago aldermen are calling for hearings with possible school closings the calcimine are hearing between 8120 schools they do not have a specific plan. if the board of
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education is looking for a close then they need to know something about it. it gives us a fiscal response ability that all of us should be looking at. >> karen louis to chicago union teacher president says that school closings will be the next big fight she believes that cbs could lead to a successful plan. no school again today in evergreen park. students remain onteachers remain on strike in district 124. the union has offered to compromise on health care. a big psychological boost for the economy the unemployment
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dropped below 8% for the first time in three years but conspiracy theorists are claiming that the books were cooked but experts are saying that that is crazy. tom skilling has details of a chilly weekend.
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that's chuck norris approved. >> the national unemployment rate is down but that doesn't mean the economy is coming along the rate unexpectedly dropped to 8.7 percent last month which is phil lowest in three years. but economists say that it's not close to what we need to heal. president obama obviously totes a positive report. today's news should give us some encouragement it shouldn't be an excuse for the other side to try to talk down the economy just to try to score a few political points. so in virginia romney said while the rate is falling he thinks it's because more people have stopped
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looking for jobs. the truth is if the same share of people were participating in the workforce today our unemployment rate would be around 11%. jack welch doesn't believe the latest unemployment rate is of real and he thinks that the chicago way has something to do with that. he suggests that the numbers have been manipulated for political reasons he said unbelievable job numbers these chicago guys will do anything, cannot debate so change job numbers. mitch romney reverses himself on the 47% comments
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initially sank his remarks were not elegantly stated but in an interview last night he said if the 4747 percent, up during the debate he would have said he was just completely wrong. we are live at the scene. good evening about three dozen or so bikers in france in a family of new towns and are actually here right now at the location where that tragic accident happened earlier today at the corner of ok and wells near the north side downtown and folks here basically said they are here to remember their friends and loved one and a life that was taken all too soon. those who know him say that nail townsend rode his bike to work almost year-round
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and today was no exception just before 9:00 this morning chicago police say the 32 year-old attorney was traveling southbound on wells right in front of walter payton high school when a driver whose car was parked suddenly opened his door causing townsend to swerve into the path of a semi truck traveling next to him police say he got caught under the wheels of the tractor-trailer and he died on the scene, police say this was a tragic accident but the active transportation alliance says that crashes like this can often be prevented with a little caution. taking a couple of extra seconds to look over your shoulder before you open the door before you move from one lane to the other. whether you are biking or driving crashes between bicyclist and car doors happen more often than you may realize in 2010 the department of
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transportation received 127 reports of doreeoring, as it's called thiessen spots says that it can be prevented if both cyclist and driver are mindful of each other. he need to think about each other as people and respect each other as people and obey the rules of the road that's what they're there for. so as you can see quite the turnout here at this candlelight vigil where folks are basically telling stories of nail and finding ways to remember him during this time of tragedy and they tell me that it's bringing them some sense of comfort as the come here together and they even see virtual strangers showing up just to show their support as well the main message that all of them want to get out
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tonight is to remind bikers be mindful on the road and also if you are driving. 9:00 last night a driver 20 year-old hector martinez charged with felony and aggravated d y he is cited as not having a driver's license nor insurance. he hit a 10 year-old black labrador retriever and finally crashed into a store front. he is expected to recover. coming up one aspirin a day may help keep part attacks away no research suggests that it may also help prevent alzheimer's disease.
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acid with prilosec otc and don't get heartburn in the first place! [ male announcer ] one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn. international runners are getting a proper chicago well, ahead of the marathon they are holding a pasta dinner tonight premarin send cards are provided byfree marathon cards are provided by a pizza restaurant.. the marathon is more than just an athletic event julian crews explains for us tonight.
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we have been watching the weather forecast for the week. it's a contrast from last year's chicago marathon with record warwarmth. obviously we want to make sure that our participants can get into some dry clothes at the finish line. for arriving marathon runners here to pick up their performance the year runners generally prefer cool weather. participants look at the latest in marathon gear and accessories companies use the chicago marathon to market their brand but increasingly nonprofit organizations are using this platform to help get the word out. for a charitable
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organization it is magic open heart magic a nonprofit that entertains hospitalized children uses the marathon to market and so does the st. jude's children's research hospital. this is one of our biggest programs here in chicago and we are so excited by some estimates 20 percent of the 45,000 marathon participants are here to raise a pledge money and build awareness. there are so many spectators here they are on the sidelines, they're cheering. it will help them build brand awareness and help them makemake them aware of our cause. in navy seal died in afghanistan seven weeks ago and now his many
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admirers and loved ones have started a memorial. our part of the fund is to get scholarships for kids in the area who may be cannot afford to play. that is julian crews reporting coming up one of chicago's very own. dean richards reviews the new flicks from the box office this weekend and how botox may work to prevent another sign of aging.
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a benefit of birth control according to a new study but its
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free it reduces the number of abortions and unwanted pregnancies, researchers tracked 9000 women with free birth control, women had substantially lower abortion and pregnancy rates than the national average if you are worried about men memory loss, dementia or alzheimer's low dose aspirin may ward off these. low dose aspirin and not only helps the primary problem but it improves thinking skills study authors say aspirants anti-inflammatory properties also offer new earl protective effects. another way botox helps with aging is it's not just good for ridding the face of wrinkles botox works wonders on the blotter helping eliminate incontinence
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injections were given directly into the bladder by loyola university doctors it works better than medication at reducing symptoms of urgency into leakage, even eliminating them. >> tom skilling says it is getting colder but a warm-up is on the way in our future. th
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freeze warnings have extended now into the city tonight so it will be a cool weekend and next weekend will have a big weather change and warm-up by then. have you ever seen a wagon wheel tower? i didn't know such a thing existed for this is on a farm and you can see it set against the fall colors hear a lot to think our friend elmer's arch who farms out there it was about half what it normally is this year. this kind of britain's the day out on the farm. and beautiful fall colors brad captured these cherie took a picture of an albino skunk did you know such a thing existed? i
9:30 pm
will not be delivering that to micah anytime soon and tracy always a photographer with an eye towards a beautiful picture sends us the shot into this one as well so a beautiful weekend it will be cool out there more like a november weekend but were not going to be cancelling the chicago marathon this year because of heat as we did five years ago and you know as we look at the cloud state that produces the showers.clubs today that produced these showers. the weather service is extending the freeze warning into the city which is a good move tobased on the temperatures.
9:31 pm
it will be cool and it's going to be frosty this will be the coldest night since april 12th we now think o'hare may get down to 31 tonight and it will be 17 70 degrees below normal. the temperatures are quite unseasonable. the freeze warnings come into the city under cross warnings look at the readings and how they did declined today. declined today. it is cool and the arctic spin is open and is pouring cool air on us. here you can see the temperature readings
9:32 pm
in chicago tonight already going down with two points ian the 20's which often gives you an idea of a target of where your nighttime temperatures are going. they are already down in the '30's as you can see here as you get close to the city you can see the heat island affect quite a range across the metro area 46 @ joliet 46 at burr ridge and 41 in st. charles now with our beautiful skyline enshrouded by clouds today and some rain showers as well humidity is 24% and a high mold spore count today. these are high temperatures and you can see the way arctic air released early is taking over the scene but the warm air is running up
9:33 pm
the west end of the continent and it keeps the air diving into our part of the country. here's what temperatures will do there will be some warming near the lake tonight look at the 20's at woodstock into dekalb we go back up close to 50 tomorrow which is about 17 degrees below normal then we will start in the marathon with temperatures near 40 out in the suburbs. and here is where the rain is it has left a picture around here more on that big warmup and powder change later next week. an early week when the warmup on columbus day. i think beyond next weekend and into the middle part of the month we have a sizable warm-up coming for a while we have had an average of 970 in the past a
9:34 pm
freeze warning tonight clouds have broken in many areas or they will soon. tomorrow mostly sunny and seasonably cool a high of 49 which is 17 degrees below normal scattered clouds widespread season temperatures. 38 in the loop and 33 at o'hare and 54 a high sunday a 12-40 mi. per hour west northwest wan's as the runners starr the marathon. that is a lot cooler than the 87 we saw five years ago you have little enhancement of the wind there is a lake land breeze of fact there may be a 12-14 mi.
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a funny guy who takes his company seriously as we
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celebrate hispanic heritage month of the work done by the man leading the charge for local latino comedians where here to introduce you to one of chicago's very own if you walk at all into a comedy scene you may have heard the mark but tonight he is being highlighted for the work that he does off season. if your expectations and a man are low i'm your man. this stand-up in chicago has just blown up and michael may very well be the face leading its entire community has rallied behind comedy shows with a latino flare. there were three latino comedians 27 locals on my cell phone right now the show started all little over a decade ago but the idea goes further back. comedian freddie prince in
9:39 pm
the '70s may be to blame for it. >> i just thought some of those stories are me i thought myself i want to do that one day but before the day came there were some stops along the way and stand in the military and also worked as a deity his childhood also certainly shaped him and his humor. my dad bill to a grocery store here and years later i was caught shoplifting and his own grocery store. so she has come a long way a week ago we followed him on what was a past show mike the ringmaster. we talked about everything.
9:40 pm
before going up on stage at the committee and set raved about him. i don't know when this guy sleeps it seems like he is on top of that 100 percent of the time he can really address any audience and make them laugh no matter what. he is not the only one to benefit. tonight's show is a fund-raiser for the federation helping youths in seniors in humble part. once a month one of our shows the benefits and organization directly. 2012 proved to do the same. he is they're willing to help you and willing to work with you comedian's give up their time and a portion of t- shirt sales go to the group but the man behind it all is in even at the main act but the
9:41 pm
host. i shake 400 hands every single night. i give to hogs out of that. but he does get a lot of the think used for taking comedy seriously. he is one of chicagos very own. and some of the common work goes beyond comedy shows are also being planned in boston as far as charity events the next one is thursday october 11th at 6:00 p.m.. an action packed thriller hits the box office this weekend but is it worth the price of admission? and controversy in the first game of the baseball season. [ bell tolls ]
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liam neeson is starring in another action packed thriller dean richards reviews taken part 2. >> if you liked the 2008
9:45 pm
aboriginal taken movie get ready for one hour and a half of pretty much the same thrill ride liam neeson plays an ex cia agent whose daughter was kidnapped but taken back the first time. this time he is tracked by the grieving father of the man he killed in the first two weeks the father is out for revenge for his family when the bullets start flying into the car chases takeoff the cia agent kick sand as he outsmarts and out runs the bad guys on a nonstop mission impossible meets born identity roller-coaster ride. taken part 2 is more polished and completely follows the successful formula of the first film which is great because it's
9:46 pm
fun to watch but there is really not much new here, it doesn't break any new cinematic ground but you definitely get your worth, it's an above average predictable dean's list b-. based on the 1984 half-hour film director tim burton has remade his macabre children's story in black and white and i think on necessary 3 date the story of a loner kid who's best friend's dogs barking is killed in a car accident great fun for the kids, the boy gets the idea of trying to bring his dead dog back to life all the kids in the neighborhood are reanimating their dead pets to ghoulish results mostly it's an ultra stylized free for cinema but does it translate to something you want to take your kids to go see? i think it's a marginal
9:47 pm
style that isa movie with mostly style isn't little story. you could also get my diaz list mari review grade cent rate earphone's every friday >> have a great weekend. it's going to be cool this weekend warmer on columbus day then cool again at the end of the week then real warming starting perhaps next week in the chicago area our headline is for sunshine temperatures will surge 12 degrees between saturday and sunday and monday and you see the seven day temperature departure 8.2 degrees below normal. then we actually go
9:48 pm
above normal starting next weekend the reading. look at these wind chills by morning it will feel like the mid '20s here and it will feel like the mid '40's tomorrow afternoon and then we start the day in the 20s at least with wind chills so it's going to be chilly and going up to 50 in the afternoon and there is the sprawling canadian high pressure but watch as theit settles south. that sends a howling southwest wind in here sunday night and monday which is the basis for the warming that we expect by monday. look how the gusts pick up by monday columbus day so it's going to be windy but that's how you warm-up at this time of year and to no one year ago if we were to put together a string of five consecutive '80s from tomorrow's date forward it shows we could
9:49 pm
still get one this time of year and i think we're going to prove that next weekend not this one so 49 tomorrow 50 on sunday and 70 briefly on tuesday before temperatures tank wednesday thursday and friday but saturday may start cool it looks like next sunday could get warmer and we could carry that at least until the middle of the following week. we have very nice weather still to go. another big saturday for college football on deck here from the top 10 fighting irish as they prepare for soldier field and the northwestern wildcats have also cracked the top 25 rich king new prilosec otc wildberry
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the baseball playoffs are just as wacky as the nfl games a judgment call today. the baseball playoffs under way and make controversy. they cannot blame this one on the replacement umpires. this guy was the victim of a very bad call. it dropped in the
9:53 pm
outfield bases loaded, the braves could not overcome that fall a and way lost that call the players are upset about it obviously. the braves protested the infield. from what i was into taking a glimpse of the replays i thought we had a legit seat. but it cost us one round possibly more? yes. but some not willing to sit here and say that the call was lost. the high school star is now on his list of colleges. depaul illinois the bears wrapped up practice for
9:54 pm
sunday's game in jacksonville. the bears are hoping that could make a clear run tiny but powerful maurice jones he is seventh in the nfl 352 yds. he is a hard guy to take down. he has great balance he has a thick lower half so when you tackle him a big hit will not do it. he is a good running back. if we tackle him we should be ok. penn state began the year with losses. it may be a big deal to fans but not to cope pat
9:55 pm
fitzgerald. i might sound like a broken record but that's how i talked to the team we have not put together four quarters of clean football in all three phases so until we do that i am still going to find things we can improve on. people trying to go 5 and 0. an entry is the last thing in the mind of brian kelly. 566 yds against north carolina state. they're focused on what this football team is the kind of schedule they play the teams they have beaten i think that's all focus. more than the tradition and history because if they're not they're going to get beat. illinois plays wisconsin tomorrow and
9:56 pm
apparently phelps is taking part of the european tour today and he had a walker, the usa ryder cup you may want to take some notes on this one. michael phelps. it looks like the length of a football field. you wore a baseball guy that was 50 ft.-100 ft.. the guys advanced to the bases obviously were loaded it was a late call. i think they blew the call but what it was a judgment call and you cannot protest a judgment call. where are they going to play that game. they cannot wait 24 hours into make a ruling so it
9:57 pm
was a bad call but there is. back in business, no more replacements. that's the news for this friday night we are happy you shared your time with us. i am out of here. thank you for watching everybody. e re y
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